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FAQ (Frequently Asked and Questions)

  • How To Order?

    We must receive your order at fewer 3 days before shipment. We need to make quarantine and keep the fishes from your order and book the cargo space and prepare all documents that needed in this shipment. Your order can be send thru email or by fax and also by phone.

    Unfortunately, sometimes a few animals do not survive the trip from our tank to yours. We ask that you absorb the first 5% of DOA loses. We will always keep DOA not over than 5 %. Please reports DOA 1 x 24 hours after receive shipment.

    There also additional charges besides freight rate are insurance charge; fuel charge, handling and W/H charge, AWB fee, Document charge (Standard from Air Cargo), and packing charge.

  • Our Policy


    summit via email or fax after completing your order in our price list.

    Minimum order :

    100kg or approximately 7 to 8 boxes.

    Shipment term:

    All of the prices quoted here is F.O.B from Bali, Indonesia

    Packing Details:

    All fishes are packed individually in double polyethylene (PE) plastic bags with enough water and oxygen to ensure fish survival for p to 3 days. A piece of paper is placed in between the plastic bags to reduce fish stress. They are then placed tightly inside styrofoam box, with the outer layer of stong corrugated carton box.


    Advanced payment is requested to cover freight charge, cost of goods, value of item and packing cost by telegraphic transfer or bank transfer.

    Freight charges:

    Freight Charges depend on destination, airline carrier and weight.

    Additional Charges

    1. packing charges - US$10 per box (regular) / US$15 per box (large)
    2. Document & Handling Charges - US$75 per shipment
    3. Certificate of Origin (form-A) & Health Certificate - US$50 per shipment (if necessary)

    Delivery Time :

    Shipment schedule is depend on the availability of air cargo schedule and space.

  • D.O.A Claims

    Please kindly take a note that we requested customer to absorb the first 5% of DOA. In case of DOA above 5%, please inform us within 24 hours with photo included.
    *Claim for DOA caused by carrier mishandling, should be directed to the carrier*

  • Shipping Information

    Livestock is shipped where there is a direct flight from Bali island to your destination. All livestock orders are shipped by overnight carrier, unless requested otherwise. Air delevery is the only delivery method available for all livestock. Our shopping bag doesn't figure the shipping rates for livestock. A shipping confirmation should follow via email within 1-2 business days of placing your order.You will receive e-Mail confirmation of your order, please review it for accuracy, specifically the shipping address.

  • Alive arrival guarantee

    We guarantee every fish, clam, coral and invertebrate that leaves our tanks will ARRIVE ALIVE at its destination and will STAY ALIVE for at least 3 days after leaving our system. We can make this guarantee because:

    1. We ship only healthy specimens.
    2. We are experts at packing.
    3. We use fast, reliable methods of shipping.

    If your purchase does not arrive alive or if it dies within 3 days of leaving our facility, we will replace it FREE (excluding packaging & shipping). The following conditions apply:

    1. Arrive Alive - Stay Alive guarantee only applies to specimens shipped for next day delivery.
    2. You must acclimate the new arrivals according to our procedure even if they appear to be dead. Sometimes specimens that look dead will recover within minutes when acclimated properly. This appearance of death can be caused by the depressed pH of their water (which you can raise by aerating the water in the bag).
    3. The animal must not exhibit any signs of physical trauma (torn fins, lacerations, etc.)
    4. Your aquarium water quality must be (Ammonia 0, Nitrites >10, pH 8.1-8.4, SG 1.020-1.024).
    5. Never dispose of or return a specimen without authorization.
  • If You suffer a loss

    1. Notify us by telephone or E-mail
    2. Return by Priority Mail (must be postmarked within 24 hours of death and never more than 72 hours after leaving our facility).
    3. We will replace the dead specimen on your next order. Our guarantee applies to the original shipment only and not to any replacement items. Our guarantee does not cover the cost of shipping or applicable box charge.
  • Acclimating new arrivals

    pH Shock

    While transporting, a fish's natural biological functions lower the bag waters pH. The longer the shipping time, the more the pH will be reduced. This increases the need for caution and greater care in acclimating new arrivals. **Gradually you must balance the pH in the shipping package to match that of their new home.

  • Acclimation Procedure

    It will take 45 - 60 minutes no longer to complete acclimation procedure.

    Turn aquarium / pond lights off

    1. Float the (sealed bag) in aquarium for 10-15 minutes to equalize temperatures. (Do not open bag until you start #3)
    2. Open bag "use knife and cut the bag below metal clip half way through"
    3. Add 1 cup of aquarium water small bag or 2 cups large bag.
    4. Repeat step 4 every 5 minutes until bag is full.
    5. Empty 1/2 of the water from the bag.
    6. Repeat step 4 every 5 minutes until bag is full.
    7. Submerge bag and gently release specimen.
    8. Discard remaining water and bag.


    1. DO NOT open your packages in bright light. Acclimation will be done in dim light. Keep aquarium / pond light off for a few hours after to help protect new fish from harassment.
    2. Do not aerate the bagged water if the fish are obviously healthy. This will raise the pH too high and put them potentially into toxic shock.
    3. Keep sponges under water at all times.